2020 Picked Up Yard Prices:


3/8" Gravel Stone $40.00/yard

3/8" Ledge Stone $45.00/yard

3/4" Fractured Stone $30.00/yard

3/4" Gravel Stone $37.00/yard

3/4" Ledge Stone $38.00/yard

​1 1/2" Fractured Stone $30.00/yard

Rip Rap $45.00/yard


Standard Fill - $12.00/yard


Screened Sand $22.00/yard

Washed Sand $30.00/yard

Mortar Sand $35.00/yard


3/4" Crushed Gravel $24.00/yard

3/4" Ledge Pack $34.00/yard

1 1/2" Crushed Gravel $24.00/yard

Loam, Garden Mix & Compost:

3/4" Screened Loam $24.00/yard

Garden Mix $30.00/yard

100% Organic Compost $34.00/yard


Stonedust $26.000/yard

Bark Mulch:

Brown Pine - $33.00/yard

Black Pine $33.00/yard

Antique Blend - SOLD OUT

Enhanced Hemlock Blend SOLD OUT

** Prices subject to change without notice **

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Saturday: Closed Until Spring, 2022

     1 1/2" Gravel Stone (currently unavailable) 1 1/2" BBD Stone

We here at Barron Brothers offer years of knowledge and experience to you, our valued customers. Our business proudly upholds a reputation for offering top-quality service and a great selection of quality landscaping and hardscaping supplies. You can depend on us for friendly service.

Genest Concrete products are available in several styles, from a classic Hollandstone paver, to an eye catching Windham Ridge Flagging or a stunning Highland retaining wall.  Also available are three styles of fire pit kits, perfect for those chilly nights.

Allan Blocks offers a great wall block that we carry in the AB Collection.  Each of the standard AB Blocks covers 1 square foot per block, making it a cost effective way to build a large wall.


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retail yard

To figure coverage per cubic yards

use this easy to follow chart:

1 Cubic Yard 1" deep covers 324 Square Feet

1 Cubic Yard 2" deep covers 162 Square Feet

1 Cubic Yard 3" deep covers 108 Square Feet

1 Cubic Yard 4" deep covers   81 Square Feet

1 Cubic Yard 5" deep covers   65 Square Feet

1 Cubic Yard 6" deep covers   54 Square Feet

1 Cubic Yard 7" deep covers   46 Square Feet

3/4" Fractured Stone                  3/4" Gravel Stone                    3/4" Ledge Stone

We put a lot of pride and effort into our screened loam to give you a top grade product.  We mix in some wood ash and a little bit of compost to get it "just right" for growing the perfect lawn.

       Brown Pine                              Black Pine                               Antique Blend                       Hemlock Blend

 3/8" Gravel Stone                     3/8" Ledge Stone

We carry a large selection of Granite products including:

- Mailbox posts - Lamp Posts - Steps - 2 Sizes of Edging - Benches

Barron Brothers Dev.

Pavers by Ideal offers several great paving stone options, as well as fire pit kits and retaining wall blocks.  They carry several color choices to help match any project.

Wet Stone

On Top

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Enhance the beauty of your property with natural stone.

Choose from:

- Pennsylvania Fieldstone  - Country Wall Stone

- Garden Path - Colonial Quarry Garden Path

- Tumbled Colonial Garden Path - 4 Colors of Slate

- Irregular Bluestone  -Tumbled Bluestone 

- 4 Sizes of Cobblestone